Lake Winnibigoshish Ice Fishing Tips

Many people like to go ice fishing in the winter, and Lake Winnibigoshish in Minnesota is one of the best places to do this exciting activity. Locals call it “Lake Winnie,” and it covers more than 56,000 acres and has many places to catch different kinds of fish. Whether you’re a seasoned ice angler or a beginner looking to try your hand at this exhilarating sport, this article provides you lake winnibigoshish ice fishing tips and insights to enhance your fishing experience.


Lake Winnibigoshish, which is in north-central Minnesota, is a great place to go ice fishing because it has a lot of fish and beautiful frozen scenery. There are many kinds of fish in this large lake, such as walleye, northern pike, perch, crappie, and others. Before you go ice fishing, it’s important to know what you’re doing and have the right tools and information.

Understanding Lake Winnibigoshish

Lake Winnibigoshish, also known as “Lake Winnie,” is a natural glacial lake with a lot going on under the water. Different kinds of fish can live in the lake because it has different levels, buried islands, reefs, and long stretches of weed beds. To have the most luck ice fishing, you need to know how the lake is laid out and where the best fishing places are.

lake winnibigoshish ice fishing tips for Beginners

If you’ve never been ice fishing before, these tips will help you get started and increase your chances of success on Lake Winnibigoshish.

  1. Advice for those new to ice fishing: Start by learning the basics of ice fishing, like what gear you need, how to use it, and how to keep yourself safe. Ask experienced swimmers for tips or think about getting a guide to learn the ropes and feel more comfortable on the ice.
  2. Basic techniques and strategies to get started: Start with easy ways to fish through the ice, like jigging or using tip-ups. Try out different types and sizes of food to find out what works best for the fish you want to catch. Be patient and pay attention when you’re ice fishing, as it can take skill and patience.
  3. Common mistakes to avoid as a beginner: Don’t make your fishing spot too crowded by using too many lines or moving around too much. Be careful not to scare the fish away by making too much noise or shaking the ice too much. Remember to dress for the weather and pay attention to how the ice is changing.

Preparing for Ice Fishing

  1. Checking regulations and licenses: Before you go fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish, make sure you know the rules and have the right fishing ticket. This makes sure that the rules of the state are followed and helps keep the fishing going.
  2. Gathering necessary equipment: Gather your ice fishing gear, such as ice augers, ice fishing rods, tip-ups, and tip-downs. Make sure you have the right tools, hooks, lines, and other gear for the fish you want to catch.
  3. Dressing appropriately for the weather: Wearing layers will help you stay warm and comfortable on the ice for long periods of time. To stay warm in the cold, wear thermal underwear, insulation layers, waterproof clothing, warm socks, hats, and gloves.

Locating the Best Ice Fishing Spots

  1. Understanding the lake’s structure: The framework of Lake Winnibigoshish is made up of underwater features like drop-offs, weed beds, and rock forms. Learn how to read maps and plans that show these buildings, as they may be places where fish like to hang out.
  2. Researching popular fishing areas: There are good fishing spots on Lake Winnibigoshish that everyone knows about. Find out about these hotspots from local anglers, fishing groups, or online tools to improve your chances of success.
  1. Utilizing fish finders and GPS devices: Buy a good fish tracker or GPS to find structures, changes in depth, and groups of fish beneath. These tools can make it much easier for you to find good places for ice fishing.
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Choosing the Right Baits and Lures

  1. Identifying the target fish species: When it comes to bait and hooks, different kinds of fish like different things. Find out what the main species you want to catch in Lake Winnibigoshish are, and then choose traps that fit their eating habits and tastes.
  2. Selecting appropriate bait for different depths: Change the food you use depending on how deep the water is. For shallow water, use live bait like minnows or waxworms. For deeper water, move to jigs, spoons, or soft plastic traps.
  3. Experimenting with different lure types: Ice fishing lets you try out different types of lures, like jigs, spoons, and swimbaits. Change your bait’ colors, sizes, and movements to find out what the fish in Lake Winnibigoshish like.

Setting Up Your Ice Fishing Shelter

  1. Using portable ice fishing shelters: To protect yourself from the weather, buy a movable ice fishing cover or ice house. When you are out fishing for a long time on the ice, these covers will keep you warm and comfortable.
  2. Setting up tip-ups and tip-downs: Tip-ups and tip-downs are special tools that hold your bait and let you know when a fish bites. Set them up in different places to cover more water and increase your chances of getting fish.
  3. Ensuring safety and comfort: Set up your cover for ice fishing on solid ice and lock it well. Keep snow and ice off the paths so people don’t slip and fall. Bring a small heater, snacks, and drinks so that you can stay warm and refreshed while fishing.

Ice Fishing Techniques and Strategies

  1. Jigging techniques for different fish species: Learn how to jig in different ways to catch different kinds of fish. Try out different jigging movements, speeds, and stops to mimic natural food and get fish to bite.
  2. Using tip-ups and tip-downs effectively: Learn how tip-ups and tip-downs work and how to read the signs that they send when a fish bites. Use different kinds of bait, like live minnows or dead bait, to get fish to bite your set lines.
  3. Employing live bait or artificial lures: If you want to improve your chances of catching fish, try using live food like minnows or waxworms. On the other hand, fake lures can work just as well, especially when going after fish like pike or walleye that are bold.

Safety Tips for Ice Fishing

  1. Checking ice thickness and conditions: Make sure the ice is thick enough to hold your weight before you step out on it. Check the local news, use ice augers to measure how thick the ice is, and be careful in places where the ice is known to be weak.
  2. Carrying safety equipment: Always bring important safety gear with you, like ice picks, a throw line, a floating device, and a first aid kit. If you need them, these things could save your life.
  3. Fishing with a buddy: When you fish on the ice with a friend, it’s safer and more fun. Fish with a friend or a group to make sure someone is around to help if something goes wrong or if you need help. Also, it makes the event more enjoyable as a whole.
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Cleaning and Cooking Your Catch

  1. Properly cleaning and filleting the fish: It’s important to clean and cut your fish the right way after you catch them. Use a sharp fillet knife and safe handling techniques to remove the skin, bones, and internal organs. This will leave you with naked pieces that are ready to cook.
  2. Various cooking methods for fresh fish: Lake Winnibigoshish is full of tasty fish that can be cooked in many different ways. To bring out the natural tastes of the pieces, you could grill, pan-fry, bake, or even smoke them.
  3. Preserving and storing the catch: If you catch more fish than you can eat right away, you might want to think about storing it. By freezing, packing, or vacuum-sealing the pieces, you can keep their freshness for later use.

Ice Fishing Gear Maintenance

Keeping your ice fishing gear in good shape is important if you want it to last and work well. By following these tips for care, you can keep your gear in great shape year after year.

  1. Cleaning and storing your ice fishing equipment: After each time you go ice fishing, clean your gear well. Rinse your rods, reels, and other gear to get rid of any dirt, mud, or other debris. To keep them from getting rusty or broken, dry them completely before putting them in a cool, dry place.
  2. Checking and replacing worn-out gear components: Check your ice fishing gear for signs of wear and tear every so often. Check to see if your fishing lines, hooks, and tip-ups are still in good shape. Replace any broken or worn-out parts to keep your gear working well and being reliable.
  3. Proper maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your gear: Keep your lines and ice auger running easily by greasing them often. Use reel oil on your auger’s working parts and blades. Grease any joints or parts that move to stop rust and make sure everything works smoothly.

Ice Fishing Etiquette and Respect for the Environment

Ice fishing manners is very important if you want everyone on the ice to have a good time. Respecting the nature and other anglers helps to keep the fishing going and keeps Lake Winnibigoshish looking beautiful.

  1. Practicing ethical fishing practices: Follow the rules about catch-and-release for fish species that have them. Use the right way to handle fish to keep them from getting stressed out and to improve their chances of living after they are released.
  2. Respecting other anglers’ space on the ice: Keep a polite distance from other anglers and don’t get in their fishing spots. Keep a nice and polite mood and watch how loud you are to keep the ice quiet.
  3. Proper disposal of waste and avoiding littering: Carry a trash bag and pack out all of your trash, including fishing line, bait containers, and food wrappers. Put trash in the right bins to keep the ice and the area around it clean and free of trash.

Ice Fishing Safety for Vehicles and Equipment

When taking cars and tools out onto the ice, it’s important to put safety first to avoid accidents or damage. Follow these safety tips to make sure you have a safe and easy time ice fishing.

  1. Safety precautions when driving on the ice: Check the thickness and state of the ice before you drive your car onto it to make sure it can hold the weight of your car. Don’t drive close to pressure peaks, cracks, or places where water is open. On ice, you should always drive at a safe speed and stay far away from other cars.
  2. Understanding ice road conditions and signs: Learn about the different types of ice roads and signs that are used on Lake Winnibigoshish. These signs tell you important things about possible dangers, like where the ice is thin or where you can’t go. Pay attention to and follow these signs to keep yourself safe.
  3. Tips for safely transporting your equipment on the ice: Make sure everything is tightly fastened when towing sleds or using snowmobiles to move your stuff. Spread the weight out properly and don’t make your sled or car too heavy. Check your gear and fittings often to avoid crashes or damage while you’re on the ice.
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Ice Fishing Tournaments and Events

During the winter, there are many fishing games and other events on Lake Winnibigoshish. Taking part in these events makes ice fishing even more fun and brings you closer to other people.

Ice Fishing Tournaments and Events
Ice Fishing Tournaments and Events
  1. Information about ice fishing competitions on Lake Winnibigoshish: Find out about ice fishing races, derbies, and other events that will be held on Lake Winnibigoshish. Find out how to sign up, the rules, and the gifts by looking at local event listings, fishing club websites, or community message boards.
  2. How to participate in ice fishing tournaments: Learn the competition rules, such as the types of fish that can be caught, how many you can catch, and how to measure them. Sign up ahead of time and pay the entry fee. Make sure you know about any other requirements, like live wells or witness proof.
  3. Enjoying community events and festivals centered around ice fishing: Ice fishing is a big part of many winter gatherings and community events at Lake Winnibigoshish. There are ice fishing lessons, ice sculpture competitions, food sellers, and other things to do at these events. Come to the party and meet other people who like ice fishing.

When you take part in ice fishing games and go to community events, you can show off your skills and learn from more experienced anglers. You can also make new friends and enjoy the lively ice fishing culture around Lake Winnibigoshish.


Lake Winnibigoshish is a great place to go ice fishing. You can catch many different kinds of fish there, and it’s a beautiful place to do it in the winter. By using these tips and techniques, you can improve your ice fishing and make it more likely that you will catch fish. Remember to put safety first, follow the rules for fishing, and have fun ice fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish.

Before you go out on the ice, make sure you know the rules, talk to experienced hunters, and are ready. You can have a good and fun time ice fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish if you know what to do, have the right gear, and know how to use it.

lake winnibigoshish ice fishing tips FAQs

  1. Is ice fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish safe? Ice fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish can be safe if you follow proper safety precautions. Always check ice thickness, carry safety equipment, and fish with a buddy.
  2. What fishing licenses are required for ice fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish? To ice fish on Lake Winnibigoshish, you need a valid Minnesota fishing license. Make sure to review the state’s fishing regulations for specific details.
  3. What are the best months for ice fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish? Ice fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish typically begins in December and extends into March. January and February are considered prime months for ice fishing.
  4. Which fish species can I catch in Lake Winnibigoshish during winter? Lake Winnibigoshish offers excellent opportunities to catch walleye, northern pike, perch, crappie, and other fish species during the winter months.
  5. Are there any local guides or services available for ice fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish? Yes, there are experienced local guides and services that offer ice fishing excursions on Lake Winnibigoshish. They can provide valuable insights and help you maximize your fishing experience.

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